GOOD STUFF: 4.28.17

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It’s Friday! How are y’all feeling?

I had a late night yesterday so things are going a little slow today, but I am feeling great! Yesterday evening I went to the Anthony Hamilton concert and the show was amazing; I am still feeling the energy today. Anthony Hamilton has an incredible voice and an incomparable stage presence. When you pair his musical gift with the talent of The Hamiltones you end up with and outstanding show. It was amazing and, by far, the highlight of my week.

I was so inspired by the show that I came home and worked on some “stale” projects until three in the morning. The ideas and creativity just kept flowing and flowing. Since I had a long night; I’ll keep this post short and sweet.

Tell me about some of the “Good Stuff” that you experienced this week.

GOOD STUFF! showcases a few of the “good” things I enjoy during the week. You can find more “GOOD STUFF” here.

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